Advice 'Preparation of the Stability Programme 2023-2026'.

The original version of the summary of the April 2023 Advice of the Section ‘Public Sector Borrowing Requirements’ has been published in Dutch (here) and in French (here), just like the full text. Below you will find the English translation of the summary.

The full text of the Advice (April 2023) can be found here (Dutch version) and here (French version).

The Advice of the Section ‘Public Sector Borrowing Requirements’ is part of the preparation of the Stability Programme 2023-2026 which had to be submitted to the European Commission by the end of April 2023.

The Advice complies with the provisions of the Cooperation Agreement of December 13, 2013 by formulating recommendations on the budgetary objectives for the general government on the one hand, and on the distribution of these objectives among the various levels of government on the other hand.


Section "Public sector borrowing requirement"